Villa El Habano

Other services in Villa el Habano

Trekking through the Mogotes.

Treks through the mogotes are provided by professional guides with years of experience. Among the highlights are Los Acuaticos, Valley of Silence, Palmarito Valley and….

Horseback Tours.

This is one of the activities that most tourists prefer, enabling them to visit the Viñales National Park and travel a greater distance in less time. You do not need riding experience. During the ride can see different valleys, caves and see the plantations of snuff, coffee, viands and fruits of the Cuban vegas and interact with farmers to meet the growing process of the best snuff in the world.

Bicycle Tours.

For a low price the customer can make a bike tour to explore Viñales around and admire the beauties of flora and fauna.

Salsa classes.

The customer can enjoy a wonderful time practicing the basics of Cuban Salsa with an experienced instructor who teaches classes in our own home.

Beach trips.

If you love the sea, diving at the coral reefs, swimming in clear water and quiet holiday in an unspoiled environment, tranquil, without the hustle and mundane environment of other more popular beaches, gives the family a ride in a Chevrolet in 1948 which combines a visit to the Great Cavern of Santo Tomas, “the largest of Cuba with 45 km-and the beach Cayo Jutias.

Therapeutic massage.

We offer customers the opportunity to receive a massage of good quality and affordable in their own room done by a professional masseuse with experience.


It offers a quick and economical service laundry.

Thank you for choosing us for your stay in Viñales.